The effects of racism and patriarchy on white-men

I noticed that this is now on page one in Google search results for “racism and patriarchy,” so I wanted to link out to the discussion that followed this post, as it is far more relevant to the topic generally. That this post on how racism and patriarchy effect white men should rank on page one is a bit backwards, when it is this post on racism and patriarchy, along with this post on why racism is systemic that are ultimately the ones that are worth reading.

I just wanted to make a quick note about this because I saw something about it on my dash that made me think of it, but didn’t want to inject it into that conversation.

The notion that white-men are somehow victims of racism and sexism is clearly ridiculous. To describe yourself as a victim of a system that has been set up to give you an advantage over everyone else is either a gross misunderstanding of that system or the term victim.

However, I think it’s necessary to acknowledge that racism and patriarchy do affect us in as much as they are constraints on our freedom. It is not women or people of color who impose these constraints so much as others within the privileged class. As much as there is a privilege to being a white-male in this society, that privilege is often linked to a set of normative expectations, the greatest of which is to refrain from pointing out that there are any such expectations at all or that being expected to meet them is problematic.

It’s like the white equivalent of being “black-checked,” but it’s so rarely acknowledged that I don’t even know what the comparable term would be, but it happens constantly.  White people, particularly white-men, are regularly monitoring one another to ensure that we are behaving according to a certain standard of white-maleness and taking necessary corrective action and reminding one another when we are behaving inappropriately. 

I’m happy to hear from anyone who wants to comment on this, but I’m mostly posting for other white-men to consider. 

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  5. thatisoffensive answered: you’re thinking of institutionalized racism. Racism is simply the belief that one race is superior to another.
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