O.P: Since I’m on the topic of racism

This is certainly true, but I think there ought to be a distinction between racism as a societal structure, racial indifference, racial privilege, and simple racial prejudice.

Racial prejudice is simply the perception or belief that knowing someone’s race tells you something about that person. It can be committed by anyone of any race in any society or context. They can be either positive, negative, or neutral.

"Asians are bad drivers."
"Asians are good at math."

Racial prejudice is a personal trait and something anyone can be guilty of, but it should not be confused with racism which refers to the way certain societies are organized to favor one racial group at the expense of all others (although internationally white people tend to be less effected by this even in societies where whites are not the favored group). Virtually every majority white country is structured to operate in this way, but there are non-white majority countries that operate under their own versions of racism such as Japan or Saudi Arabia.

Racism exists not because of racial prejudice, but because of racial indifference on the part of the favored race. Racial indifference is the belief race is irrelevant or unimportant in spite of obvious demographic indicators to the contrary.  

"I don’t see race."
"We should all just be color-blind."

The ability to be racially indifferent is the defining racial privilege in a racist society. Racial privilege refers to all the advantages one race has over the others in a racist society, but main advantage that makes the others possible is the ability to just not care, think about, or be concerned with race at all and be oblivious to the advantages one carries at the expense of others.