I’ve seen this going around and at the risk of revealing my secret identity as an Xer, I feel obligated to point out that it was Tom Wolfe (author of “The Right Stuff,” “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test,” and “Bonfire of the Vanities”) who coined the phrase “Me Generation” in the 70s, referring to the baby-boomers who had given up on creating social change for some bull-shit pursuit of wealth in the guise of self-actualization.

I also feel I should point out that Joel Stein would have turned 19 the week Time magazine published it’s hand-wringing article about generation X in July of 1990. I wonder if he bothered read it before writing the latest update to Time’s targeted “What are we going to do about the kids?!!?” cover-story.

It all still feeds back into the boomer identity as the real “me generation.” There is absolutely no sense that it could be boomers who are the problem. They demanded the culture be handed over to them in 60s when they were teenagers, and proceeded to squander it for the next three decades.

Can we please have a national conversation about that? That it was the baby boomers who to this day exist in a state of prolonged adolescence, unable to see how the rest of us are simply reacting to their irresponsible leadership? 

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    I’m not giving Stein any credit I think he’s being lazy. I also think I’m giving the Boomers less credit than you think...
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    We’re now 37 years out from the publication of Wolfe’s article and I think we should try to answer his question. You’re...
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    I’m happy I read this.
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    100% agree w/r/t baby boomer self-absorption and stupidity. Thanks for the Tom Wolfe context. I feel like I should read...
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